Van Cheong Tea

A Passion for Authentic Tea Experiences

A Journey of Quality, Tradition, and Expansion


Within the Heart of Taiwan

Van Cheong Tea was Established in 1974 in Luku Village, Nantou of Taiwan. Luku Village is one of the most popular tea plantation districts in the country and a very well-known tourist destination. Being surrounded by a strong culture and passion for tea, our family has participated in annual tea competitions as a long-standing tradition for the past few decades. With the deep roots of our family’s tea farming background, this marked the beginning of Van Cheong Tea.

Excellence in Quality,
Variety & Service

Excellence in Quality, Variety & Service

The name Van Cheong Tea stems from the combination of our grandfather’s heritage of being a pediatrician, his clinic named 楊吉祥堂 and honoring my father’s middle name 雲 meaning cloud. Van Cheong (雲祥) unites the meaning of cloud and harmony and leads us to the feeling we hope you all receive from enjoying the best cup of premium quality tea available.

In the midst of Taichung, Taiwan, our family owns a secondary Van Cheong Tea that serves as a manufacturing plant. Our research and development team works closely together with all of our customers with the intention to innovate and develop the next leading trends of tea. We thrive on becoming the leading supplier & distributor of Taiwan’s Finest, and are proud of being a vertically integrated supply chain directly from Taiwan.

A Rich Heritage


Established in 1974 in Taiwan as a simple tea shop with a restaurant on the side. 1990 marked an incredible milestone as the first Van Cheong Tea retail tea shop opened in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our Growth


Our warehouse is located within the Big Bend industrial area in South Burnaby and provides convenient access to nearby municipalities. With over 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, this is home to over 500+ high quality products and our fleet of 5 delivery vehicles to serve all of British Columbia.

Elevate Your Drink Offerings

Explore our extensive selection of high-quality teas, bubble tea ingredients, supplies, and equipment that caters to the diverse needs of your business.