Van  Cheong Tea Inc.

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Traditional Tea Leaves, Tea Bags and Gift Box

Tea Leaves: Oolong, black tea, green tea, Canadian maple tea, Japanese green tea powder, Monkey's pick, white Tea,Pu-erh, Hong Kong milk tea, gingseng Oolong, jasmine and various scented and flavored tea.

Tea Bags: High moutain green tea, te kuan yin, white tea, pu-erh, rose tea, celyon tea, roasted rice tea and etc.

Available in 2g~3g individual tea bag.

Gift Box: Packed in tin can or paper box and each tea is vacummed sealed.

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Bubble Tea & Tea Bar

We have been supplying bubble tea ingredients ince 1996 !!

We carry over:
30+ fruit powders, 25+ fruit syrups, 10+ coconut jellies and more than 10+ tea for bubble tea.

Various containers, equipments and utensils.

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